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Well let us introduce ourselves. I'm Steve, he's David and we own Winton Brewery.


We have been brewing commercially for four years and have recently moved back to our hometown of Haddington. During the past year our beers have improved significantly and we are extremely proud of our current range. Peelywally IPA, Barryswally APA, Stooty Fruity (Oatmeal, raspberry stout) and Oh Ya Bassa (peach and raspberry sour) and Tap's Aff (Lager), Oh Ya Can't (make a cherry sour this guid) and new for 2021 Mon Then! NEIPA.


Our passion is East Lothian, the amazing businesses, products and the people we have met along the way. We love it so much our grain is sourced locally, milled at Mungoswells in Drem and the spent grain (draff) is used to feed the animals at East Links family farm. Proper local!

For quite some time David and I have been looking for the perfect pub and much to our surprise the Station Yard became available. We couldn't believe our luck. We've known Ali (amazing Ali!) for a wee while and arranged to meet Gerard, one of the formidable founding fathers! A few chats, a couple of pints and plenty of laughs later we signed the dotted line and bought the pub. Honestly, we are delighted!

Cheers for taking the time to read this and I've got to send a special thank you to the people of Dunbar for your kind and supportive messages through this difficult time, and for ordering online at

We can't wait to get started and we'll see you for a pint soon.


Steve and David.

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